Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is the developer?

Chibembe is owned by Wilderness Trails Ltd. The original camp was established by Norman Carr in 1975 to operate the first walking safaris in Africa and then acquired by Simon Bicknell and private investors in 1996. Simon has been in the Safari industry for over 30 years and has worked at the Old Chibembe camp both as a safari guide and camp manager. His passion for Chibembe and in-depth knowledge of the surrounding area and community provides a great deal of comfort to investors and home owners.

One of the other directors of Wilderness Trails Ltd, Henry Hallward, has worked in the ‘safari’ tourism sector for over 25 years. His extensive experience in knowing what tourists are looking for indicates a gap in the market for multi-generational family safari accommodation, which Chibembe Wildlife Reserve aims to cater for.

What can I build there?

The developers’ vision is to initially create 10 self contained safari houses on a small portion of the 850 acres designated for the same. The developer has appointed an exclusive contractor, who will have a permanent onsite camp during the construction period and clients are encouraged to explore various African safari themes for their ideal Safari Home in Zambia!

Plot owners will need to comply with the Chibembe design and building regulations, as laid out in the sale agreement annexures. (Copy available on request).

Where is Chibembe Wildlife Reserve?

Chibembe is an 850 acre full title property located in the South Luangwa, right on the boundary of the South Luangwa National Park and along the Luangwa River. The plots are all located along the water’s edge, where the original Norman Carr Safari camp was situated. The site is approximately 2.5 hours drive north from Mfuwe town.

What is for sale?

The proprietors of the land are offering ten, on average, 3 acre plots to investors, who will develop ‘safari houses’ in the South Luangwa, in order to boost tourism activity in the area and in doing so, re-develop the original safari camp site, to a more sustainable, substantial and efficient safari operation.

Plots will be owned full title in Zambian law, which is essentially 99 year common lease hold ownership.

Can I rent my safari home out when I am not there?

Chibembe provides a great opportunity for investors to build their own safari home, or to develop a safari house that can be placed in the rental pool to attract local, regional and international tourists in order to generate a return on owner’s investment.

One of the directors of Wilderness Trails Ltd, Henry Hallward, has worked in the ‘safari’ tourism sector for over 25 years. His extensive experience in knowing what tourists are looking for indicates a gap in the market for multi-generational family safari accommodation. Your home will be listed with over 6000 Safari Agents on completion.

The appointed Chibembe Safari Camp operator will look after your Safari House and will also see to your needs and your guests needs, when you are in residence.

How can I secure a plot for myself?

Investors sign a sale agreement and deposit the full purchase price and all transfer costs of the plot into the trust account of the designated project accountant in Lusaka, within 10 days of notification of acceptance by the Developer.

Investors can contact one of the following individuals in order to assist them with their information requirements:

James Arnott, Development Manager (SA-based)
[email protected]
+27 (0) 83 625 8078

Henry Hallward, Developer (UK-based)
[email protected]
+44 7776 131807

There are 4 ways to get to Chibembe

Option 1

There are regular flights to Mfuwe International Airport from Lusaka on a weekly basis.(the airport is approx. 2.5 hours from Chibembe)

Option 2

The Luzuke private airstrip is located 15 minutes from the site for private plane charters

Option 3

The site is approximately a 10 hour drive from Lusaka along the Great East Road

Option 4

Boating up the South Luangwa River (Rainy season only)

Who can invest in Chibembe Wildlife Reserve?

Zambian investors are particularly invited to invest in Chibembe as there are very few Zambian owned safari houses in the South Luangwa.

This also provides an opportunity to own a property that is comfortable enough for one to come on vacation on but also affordable enough for the average Zambian in order for Zambians to get to enjoy some of our natural beauty without the hindrance of the cost of the luxury safari lodges.

The opportunity to own one of these Safari Houses is also available to internationals. The developer has appointed a Lusaka based service provider who will assist all international investors with a Zambian Investor permit that is required in order to invest in property in Zambia.

D C Kukreti Accountants
P.O. Box 50582
H13, Mukuba Pension Complex, Mwambula Road, Jesmondene, Lusaka
Tel: +260966790281
Email: [email protected]

How will my home be looked after when I am not there?

Chibembe will be managed by a Home Owners Association (HOA),along with the appointed Chibembe Safari Camp operator.

The intent is to keep monthly levies down to a minimum (estimated to be $350/month) and hence the developer encourages an outsourcing model to be adopted, whilst a core staff will be retained for the security and general up keep purposes.

An initial 3 year management contract will be entered into between the Chibembe Wildlife Reserve and the appointed Safari Camp operator

What facilities and services are available?

  • House cleaning, catering and maintenance
  • Guided safaris
  • Solar power, borehole water
  • Internet

How will the off grid power supply work?

Each individual investor will need to budget for a module of solar panels, batteries and inverter to be in their home development budget.

What is the relationship between Chibembe, the local community, the surrounding game management area and the South Luanga National Park?

Investing in Chibembe would definitely have a ripple effect in economically developing the Mwanya area villages. The people in Mwanya are currently geographically marginalized with little or no sources of regular income and this would provide the boost that they need to lead better lives and to be able to afford their children with better quality of necessities such as nutrition and education.

In addition to direct employment, there will be a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities for the members of the community in Mwanya. This is because the Chibembe safari houses will be in need of buying goods such as vegetables, fruits, chickens and fish as well as needing a laundry service that can be provided by members of the community.

In addition to the income earning opportunity, one cannot underemphasize the social investment that would be a result of investing in Chibembe. This is an opportunity to invest in the development of the community in Mwanya.

How much does the land and home development cost?

Plots are available from $75,000.00

A further 8.5% needs to be budgeted for transfer taxes and legal fees

Zambian investment permit (if required) and for internationals only

Shell structure (provided by the developers appointed onsite Contractor): $440/sqm = $198,000.00

Project Management, House Plans, Interior Design and Plan approvals : Approximately 10% of total construction cost

Internal finishes: $200/sqm = $90,000.00

Furnishing to international safari home standards and to client budget and brief: $40,000.00

TOTAL ** – $433,080.00

** Estimate only, final pricing subject to client brief and building specifications.

For more information, contact the Development Manager:
James Arnott
Email: [email protected]
Cell: +27 (0) 83 625 8078

How do I get to view the site?

For site viewing bookings, contact James Arnott:
Email: [email protected]
Cell: +27836258078

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