Chibembe Safari Experiences

The Safari Experience at Chibembe

The traditional portered walking safari experience, created by Norman Carr in the 1970’s when he lived at Chibembe, is about the purity and intimacy of engaging with flora and fauna in its natural habitat, on foot.  Protected by an armed game scout and led by an experienced Chibembe safari guide you immerse yourself in the wilderness and beauty of untamed Africa.

With over ten thousand acres of wilderness along both sides of the Luangwa River there’s a huge area to discover.  As a private concession nobody can access without permission so you can enjoy the wilderness exclusively whilst you are our guest.

The three tented safari camps provide a level of comfort and security without excessive decor and unnecessary furnishings.  The Chibembe safari experience is a five night / six day walking safari moving from camp to camp with your luggage and bedrolls transported by our porters from the local communities.  Every safari is unique – so much depends on the time of year, the abundance of surface water and the level of the Luangwa River.  The birdlife changes almost weekly and the mammals come and go whilst they search for food, mates and friends in our wildlife sanctuary.

No two walking safaris are the same.  A morning game-walk might involve an hour of walking and two hours just watching the wildlife from under an African Ebony tree, or watching a leopard wandering along the opposite bank of the Luangwa River.  For the younger generation an immersive hike for a whole day with a picnic lunch may be their preference. For others simply walking upstream along the Luangwa River for a few hundred yards may provide the best wildlife viewing – it’s not unusual to have hundreds of antelope, giraffes, eland and buffalo grazing and browsing within fifty yards of the camps.  Very often more wildlife is seen by those who chill out in camp – you don’t have to do anything if you would rather sleep in or relax at the table with a pair of binoculars or a book.

Expecting Michelin starred cuisine in a place as remote as Chibembe will be a disappointment!  Trained by a Cordon Bleu trained chef our camp cooks produce food that surprises our guests considering how far we are from the nearest shops.  Local produce is sourced wherever possible and all of the food waste is processed to ensure our carbon footprint is kept as low as possible.

If you are searching for a simple, comfortable and exhilarating experience in the heart of Africa far away from the madding crowds Chibembe could be for you.  We would not wish you to be disappointed if your expectations were not met so we have partnered with some very experienced specialist safari tour operators from around the globe, all of whom have experienced Chibembe themselves, to ensure that the experience is the right one for you and those you are travelling with.

To find out more contact us and we will put you in. touch with your nearest Chibembe partner.